Sunday, July 11, 2010

Emmy expectations

Here are my calls for the categories I care about.

Outstanding Comedy Actor
I want Alec Baldwin to win (though honestly, I haven't seen all of this year's 30 Rock). And if not him, Morrison for Glee. Realistically, it'll come down to Larry David for Curb or Shalhoub for Monk, and Shalhoub will win.

Outstanding Comedy Actress
I think Amy Poehler will win for Parks, and that's also who I'd like to win. I could see Falco for Nurse Jackie making a run for it.

Outstanding Drama Actor
I so badly want Matt Fox to win for playing Jack Shephard on Lost. But we all know Cranston will win for Breaking Bad (which I embarrassingly still haven't seen). And if it's not him, it'll be Jon Hamm for Mad Men. And if not him, Chandler for FNL. And then MCH for Dexter. Fox has the lead on House. That's it. *sigh*

Outstanding Drama Actress
I'm thinking Margulies for The Good Wife, but the Emmy's love Mad Men so much that I could see Jones winning for Betty Draper.

Outstanding Comedy Series
I think it'll be Glee, and that's again who I want to win. A Modern Family win would also make me happy, but Curb and Nurse Jackie have a better chance.

Outstanding Drama Series
I want it to be Lost oh so badly, but it's like the Drama Actor category: Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Dexter all have the advantage. BB will likely take it.

Outstanding Art Direction for a Single-Camera Series
Lost has a great chance at this one for Ab Aeterno, but Glee could also win for the Pilot.

Outstanding Comedy Casting
It's gotta be Modern Family. One of the BEST ensemble casts in years. I can't see it being any other show.

Outstanding Drama Casting
I'm thinking FNL, but if it's not Friday Night Lights it'll be Mad Men or True Blood.

Outstanding Comedy Directing
Murphy for the Glee pilot. That's it.

Outstanding Drama Directing
Bender deserves it for the epic End to Lost, and I really hope he gets it. Again, though, BB will probably beat it. Too bad.

Outstanding Comedy Guest Actor
Mike O'Malley should get it for his amazing performance as Mr. Hummel on Glee. Arnett could beat him, though.

Outstanding Drama Guest Actor
John Lithgow has it for creating the creepiest villain in four seasons of Dexter.

Outstanding Comedy Guest Actress
Chenoweth for Glee is my pick, but Fey or White could get it for their hilarious SNL episodes.

Outstanding Drama Guest Actress
I want Mitchell to win for her amazing relationship and storyline in season 6 with Sawyer but I haven't seen any of the other shows in this category. So I can't know.

Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics
I'd like to see a HIMYM or Monk win here, but I think Treme will win.

Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series
I'd love a Lost or Fringe win, but...well you know what show will win...stupid meth.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy
Truly, I'd be happy with any win other than Cryer for Two and a Half Men. But I think Burrell will win for Phil Dunphy, the best new character of the year.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama
Terry O'Quinn HAS to win this one. His dual performances in the final season of Lost were just astounding.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy
Another category where the only win I'd be angry at is 2.5 Men, but I need not worry: Jane Lynch has this in the bag.

Outstanding Writing for a Comedy
Probably the Modern Family pilot, but the Glee pilot has a definite chance also.

Outstanding Writing for a Drama
Please be Lost. Please be Lost. Please be Lost. Please be Lost. Please be Lost. Please be Lost. Please be Lost. Please be Lost. Please be Lost. Please be Lost. Please be Lost. Please be Lost. Please be Lost. Please be Lost. Please be Lost.
It'll be Mad Men. :(

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