Sunday, July 11, 2010

What I've been listening to

I'm no musical expert, but I do love listening to music. So I'm going to keep music reviews simple and short.
I've worked my way through LCD Soundsystem's discography and LOVED it. Every song is so full of energy and power. While songs frequently surpass the 6 minute mark, they never feel too long. They're too infectious to get tiring. Songs like "Daft Punk is Playing at my House," "North American Scum," "All My Friends," and "Dance Yrself Clean" are permanently in my brain now.
I've heard plenty of Arcade Fire before, but I listened to their two albums continuously and found them much better that way. Funeral is probably a bit better than Neon Bible, but both are very emotional and honest. I can't wait for what they have next. I'm also anticipating seeing them at Lollapalooza.
I also got B.o.B.'s full album. The singles are catchy but not very good. The first track on the album seems like it could precede a nice, earnest album like Cudi's Man on the Moon I, but it's all standard stuff. Not awful, but not good.
The rap album from Childish Gambino, or Donald Glover, is very good. Much better than the mainstream B.o.B. It's honest and talks about what his actual life is, while having a good pace and lyrical style. That's the only kind of rap I enjoy.
The debut album from Company of Thieves, "Ordinary Riches," is plain awesome. Genevieve Schatz provides beautiful vocals, the lyrics are interesting, and the music is tight and well-done. Can't wait to see them at Lolla also.
I listened to the most recent album from Devo, and it's good but not great. I'll have to go back and listen to their older stuff, because I feel like I might enjoy it. There were certainly songs I enjoyed on "Something For Everybody," but overall it fell flat.
I've been holding off on listening to The Fratellis' "Here We Stand" because I don't want to have heard everything from them. They're just too damn good. And while "Here We Stand" isn't as oddly catchy as "Costello Music," it's still a great record. I won't go back and listen to it as much as I do "Costello Music," though.
I listened to Hot Chip's first album after someone said they were similar to LCD Soundsystem. I loved the vocals, but it's not the same as LCD. It's a little more mellow and quiet, sort of like XX. But it's not quiet enough to stress the musical cues. I liked it though, and I'm sure I'll enjoy their other albums.
Kid Cudi has his new album, "Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager," coming out this fall. I've only heard the song "REVOFEV" from it, and I'm very excited for the album. It sounds like Cudi is taking the success of his first album and running with a different theme that permeates his life. Hopefully REVOFEV is an intro song for the album, as it's sort of plain and not very expressive.
MGMT's "Congratulations" is equal to "Oracular Spectacular." I enjoy both some, but not a ton. I can't quite say why, really, as they're such different albums.
Phoenix's recent album is great, even for the songs beyond the singles. I'm also very excited to se them at Lolla.
That's all I have for now. Next up for me to listen to is The National, Eminem's "Recovery," and Hot Chip's most recent album.

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